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Jul 29, 2009


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Ah.. always France! Everyone has great stuff from France!!! I dream about traveling to france with a truck and just shop shop shop and fill it up! They have so many good vintage stores there!!!!!

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

I got it many years ago in Biarritz, France...


ooh! I like! I haven’t seen this post until today. The wicker basket you have there, where did you get it? I would love one like that!

lisa h.

Benita, I just found your astounding, lovely blog. It's beautiful, and just what I need to get inspiration for tackling my very DISorganized apartment.

I really like the denim, which as others have already mentioned, will look better as it gets faded and worn. It will gain character with use, which isn't true of all types of fabrics, but denim ages so well. I was thinking, maybe if you had an item or two in the room, such as a pillow or vase, that is blue and white, it might "tie together" the cushions and walls.

I'm so glad I've found your blog, I can't wait to check out your past posts! :)


I wish it were something softer, perhaps a felted wool....in a wacky color or gray...
I am just not that in to denim....


I love it! practical and I love the way indigo blue soaks up the light- its one of my favorite fabric colors!

Mixing Bowl Mama

I love it....great job!


LOVE the flanges, what a great and EASY alternative to piping.


Nice work, but I absolutely love the green with polka dots.
I would go this time with some white navy stripes. Somehow this corner looks now too dark?

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Thanks for the great advice and so awsome to have it from someone with that kind of experience! What a fun job you must have :)I'll try the pumice trick this weekend as I have to agree with a lot of the commenters that it's kind of dark.


to those suggesting some whimsy or accent colour...what about embroidery on the denim cushion cover, at the corners, or along the edges (or both, either a solid line of something whimsical, or corners plus the centre of each edge?)


I'm a yay too, but I agree that a whimsical orange pillow and other blue accents would add a lot to this corner of your house.

If you want to speed up the fading process, you can try washing and drying the pillow cover repeatedly with the hottest settings and the harshest or strongest detergent. You could also just wash it with every dark load of laundry that you do until you are happy with the results, but this can take longer depending on your laundry schedule. Another trick to speed the fading is to use a pumice stone (the kind you would use on your feet), to rub areas that you want to lighten, perhaps along the edges. I find it easiest to do this when the fabric is wet. I also use a bit of dishwashing detergent to help lubricate the stone and to lift some of the pigment from the denim. If you are doing a large flat area like the seat, make sure the fabric is smooth with no wrinkles underneath, unless you want dark lines. You could also try bleaching, but you run the risk of it going blotchy or too light. Just keep in mind that the sun while continue to lighten the pillow over time.

I work as a theatrical costumer and have had to breakdown or age more than a couple of pairs of jeans to make them look older; these are just some of the tricks that I use.


Big Nay. It just isn't you. It should be vibrant orange or red with yellow stars, something. Put some super bright pillows or something there.

Shaun Paddock

I love it! Great fabric choice.


I LOVED the green with white dots...but I also like the simplicity of the denim fabric. The idea of it fading and wearing like jeans is also a comfy idea that makes me want to go out and recover some of my furniture/cushions similarly. Excellent choice!


I say Jay! But i agree with the people that say it needs a more cheerful companion..i love the grey cushion but maybe trying the one you made with blue letters? I don´t know..but i think it is just that little detail missing...


MYCKET snyggt tjejen! Impad av hur fint du sytt. Jag tycker det var svårt att få till vecken så jag körde passpoal.


I like it, but I agree with you. It needs wearing in. All the family members need to sit on it a few times as they come in the door each day.

Erin Kleider

I have to admit, it seems oddly dark for your house. It would be interesting if it faded like an old pair of jeans though. If you wanted something jean-like but lighter, you could use painting canvas, which would be cream colored but hard wearing.

Perhaps you could lighten it up with something lighter on top.

Erin :)

Vicki K.

Yay! Definitely. I really love the flanges - great mistake. Plus they will show the wear better as you wash it.

This may already be on your to-do list, but I have a similar bag to yours and just lined it with heavy linen (part of a grain sack). I love it! Plus it makes for a smooth inside in case I want to carry yarn.


I really like it. :)

And I think use, sunlight, and washing in hot water will all make it make it look more worn and even prettier.

Sandra Yeong

At last I found my favourite "denim" appear at Chez Larsson. And I like the "details" of the cushion. Cool.


nay, green is better, it's too dark for your style. My opinion.


Oh Benita, im afraid im a nay! Loved the green one you had before. Maybe like some other bloggers have said, it just needs abit of pattern or embroidery to funk it up a little?

Aqeela xx

Lisa Z

I love it!


Love, love, love denim. But "someone" was right when they said it needs some whimsy.


I really like the new cover! I never would have thought to use denim but it looks great

Mel Design Heaven

I say jay and if you need your green fix why not add a bright green cushion? i love green and denim together.



Jay! Love this so much, especially with the flanges. Unlike others, I think the dark rinse works really well in contrast with the white. The natural-colored caned panel is also a pleasing contrast. Looks great!


That one is definitely a keeper! I think denim is so very "you" and with white you already have and little something new&blue-ish (which I am sure you already have given some thought ;), right?) it will be totally fab. And I can see why you long for darker shades -it is autumny here in Finland too.


Hannah W.

A huge Jay!!! Wish I could write the rest of this in Swedish. Love the denim, looks great against the white. And I love the flanges on the sides, it came out great.


Yay. It will look better as it fades. Adding an orange (blue's complement) pillow or accessory in the area will help brighten up that corner.

I would leave this for awhile to see if it grows on you. It's too big of a difference to decide right away.

Very nice sewing job!

Wendy in Seattle

Yay! I like the rich darkness of the denim to contrast the white walls and shelves. But it has it's own lightness...not in color but in the casualness of denim. And the accidental flanges are fantastic. Well done!


I'd like to see this with a spot of red and charcoal grey amongst the accessories.




Well, I love it!


I really like the denim! So lovely with the natural color of the paneling behind it:0)


You can't beat the durability of denim! Somehow though the denim seems just as neutral as your white walls. This space is going to need further development, Benita. I know you'll make it great :)

Barbara Snyder

Jay--way jay! Love it and it's denimy softness and practicalness!


change is good. i have to agree with a pp......it's just an unexpected color for you. i love the polka dots and green color, so i'm glad you will switch it out seasonally. i do like it......i just love the other :)


I like it, although in the room as it is, it seems like such a stark contrast. Maybe you could add some other blue (and gray?) elements to the bookshelf or really anything of color to break it up a little. I love seeing the gray cable knit pillow you made! You're sewing abilities are so impressive!


I could go either way on it. I think it does look autumnal and it looks very seasonal with the sweater pillow (which I adore); I like the bigger jolt of color in spring and summer. The flanges look great!

Kari from Wisconsin, where it really hasn't felt very summery yet!


I think your cushion in lovely, but I don't think it works there. It is too dark. I believe it does need some color.

mama ring

i love it with the sweater pillow! perfect combination.

it does make me wish for a teeny touch of denim somewhere nearby, as trim on the lampshade or piping on a pillow . . . a set of coasters or even just one larger 'coaster' (like a minimalist doily?) under the lamp.

to me, denim can feel fresh and beachy, so i don't think it's odd for summer (but it's cool enough for jeans year-round where i live). i think this is great for right now and for fall.

Kelsi Nibbana

I love it! I do agree with "Bride" above that you need something to jump out at you. Could you make a pillow in the same polka dot pattern? I too love how denim fades. You might have to rotate it to get a similar fading from the sun all over.

Bride of Cranky Old Geezer

The denim looks nice and will be practical and fade wonderfully.

For me what is missing is the whimsical touch that the polka dots added. Your entry before made me feel happy. The new version looks excellent, but it doesn't make me smile. Maybe a cushion (or something) could supply that extra wit and whimsy.


Tittar in igen för att säga att om det är ett "riktigt" jeanstyg, dvs med både vita och blå trådar och en ljusare in- än utsida så kan du sandpappra lite med ett fint sandpapper på själva sittytan och sedan tvätta överdraget igen, då blir det lite ljusare, som ett par använda jeans.

Din dyna satte igång lite tankar hos mig, jag älskar, älskar, älskar kuststilen. Vitmålade möbler, marin-vitt-rött, randigt, stjärnor... Jag känner ett STORT behov av att sy en jeansdyna! *skratt*

Benita ~ Chez Larsson



Jay! Jay! Jay! Love blue denim.


I say Jay! It looks so great! I'm so jealous of your creativity :)


I like it, but it needs a pattern or some more visual interest. Embroidery or applique or something.


It's nice, but I absolutely LOVED the green with polka dots. It made the room IMHO.
But what do I know? I didn't even own a kitchen canister until I found you!


I say yay, but I think it will look better as it fades. Also, That corner seems to be missing something now, so maybe some fun pillows or bolster or throw would help liven things up? We really want white denim slipcovers for our couch...Can't wait to hear how this wears over the long term!

martha in Princeton


Benita ~ Chez Larsson

På översta bilden ser dynan mörkare ut än vad den i verkligheten är. På plats funkar det faktiskt.

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Den ligger löst på bänken och ja, det är en avsågad skumgummimadrass i med lite vadd runt för mjukare hörn.

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

I know what you mean, but I've had this fall feeling for a couple of weeks. Weird windy, grey weather so this sort of came from that.

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Den lilla kudden är Minis kuvudkudde. Hon brukar ligga där så det får inte bli för högt...

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

I love them too but they are resting. Will bring them out again come next spring, I'm sure :)


Hum, nu ser man ju inte resten av hallen, och själva dynan är jättefin (!!), men känns det inte lite obalanserat? Som att du borde plocka upp det denimblå lite mer runtomkring? Eller åtminstone addera accenter i någon mörk färg även om den inte är blå? Din blogg är en av mina favoritbloggar btw :) Alltid inspirerande!


A Yay from me as well because of the clean simple lines (and colours) but I am wondering whether it might be too dark in winter. Anyway, you could always spruce it up with some accent coloured pillows.


It's a "jay" for me - looks fabulous!

London Mummy

It's a yay from me too - also really loving that gorgeous paper in the basket :)

Renée Backe

Som den denimälskare jag är säger jag JAY! Vad har du inuti - avsågad skumgummimadrass? Hur har du fäst den på bänken?


I think it's a great change. I did love the green too, but this is refreshing. Do you have enough material for some pillows to coordinate on the sofa? What touches of blue are you adding to the desk area?

Such fun...


It looks fabulous!


I think denim and grey look good for a cosy winter theme but for summer I prefer the green dots.
So from me it must be a 'njay'... :)

Rattling On

I like it. Stylish and modern.


I love it. It looks great!


Nay! Unexpected....maybe crazy orange or white/off-white but didn't think of you on this color/style!

Way to keep us guessing!!


I say yea! Even though I was very partial to the green with white polka dots (and even tried without success to find something like it when we recovered our patio furniture cushions - should've asked you!), just like you I love the way denim looks when used as upholstery. And I think the blue actually looks a tad better against the grey walls - I agree with MiaKvack about adding one (or two!) of your new grey pillows.


Jättesnyggt! Vore det hemma hos mig hade jag nog lagt dit en av de grå t-shirtkuddarna också, och kanske någon röd detalj, typ en kudde med stjärnor eller så. Jeans, grått och rött är en favvokombination.


I think you'll be fine once it fades. Maybe change up the other items in the area?


Love it. Think it looks great and can't wait to see it as as it fades...


I say 'Yay' thought I loved the green white too. Perhaps a few more denimy/blue items near lamp or around to pick up that colour (maybe even blue/white spots on a notebook - sorry just loved the spots:)


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